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 Unblock youtube | Unblock Youtube Proxy
Welcome..!!  Follow us to receive fresh updates of new proxy sites. Looking for new and unblocked 
web proxies to surf anonymously or mask your IP? Need a proxy site to bypass your firewall or web 
filter to surf blocked websites on your restricted school or office network?
then just sit back relax we will let you know about Proxies and IP and the most important how to 
unblock youtube and your favouite websites.This web proxy is designed for people to browse the 
blocked websites such as Facebook, Unblock Youtube Proxy, Bebo, MySpace and Friendster, 
etc without leaving a trace. Our server is optimized for web proxy cache in order to get the best 
speed for each visits, however due to the different area of the websites and visitors, Our proxy 
network includes several clustered servers located in US ASIA and Europe.Now a days, Youtube, 
Myspace and Facebook are some of the most trafficked websites on the Internet today. Youtube 
is owned by Google, Myspace is owned by News Corp, and Facebook remains independently owned
 by Mark Zuckerberg and early investors.A Proxy server is a computer that acts as an intermediary 
between two other computers, you (client) and the website you are attempting to acces (server). 
All the connections from you to the website are connected through the proxy server. Your request 
goes to the proxy server and then the proxy server connects to the website and back again. This 
protects your identity because the end website never knows your IP address, only that of the proxy
server. A Proxy server can also increase the speed of your internet connection, because a proxy can 
save all the requested resources of other users. So the more people that use the proxy to access a site, 
the faster it will load for everybody because it will be saved in memory on the proxy. Proxy servers are 
often used to hide or disguise IP addresses and other private information about you and your computer. 
Only anonymous proxy servers offer true anonymity between you and the website you are accessing.
In some certain circumstances, your favorite Youtube website may be blocked (sometimes all of a sudden),
 but by using free proxy, you will absolutely bypass all the unwanted blocks. Furthermore, free web proxy 
will also help you hide away from network hackers, conceal your true online identity and allow you to 
conduct anonymous searching.Indeed, it goes without saying that unblocking Youtube will bring lots 
of benefits and advantages to you. For example, there will be no more access restrictions to watching 
online movies and trailers and even your online identity will also be secured at the highest level.All you 
need to do is just type the URL of the video below down the text field and press GO button so that you 
can enjoy and access the youtube and all the other blocked websites.

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